Railway “Sand Filling System”:

  • Sand silos
  • Stationary sand pumps
  • Mobile sand pumps


Foundry: Sand preparation




Steelworks: Injection of additives








Processing of raw materials.







Other sectors:

  • Foodstuffs
  • Chemistry
  • Plastics – Rubber
  • Building
  • Etc…


Given the diversity and needs of our customers, our facilities and services are directed to almost every sector, particularly railways, ceramics, foundry, steel, chemical and foodstuffs.


Sand pumps.

Mobile sand pumps.


Complete sand preparation facilities.

Big-bag and sack dischargers.

Dischargers for tanker trucks, dumpers…

Sand heaters.

Installations for ATEX zone.

Iron and steel industry

Additive injectors for furnaces.


Dosage and preparation of paste.

Transportation of raw materials.

Chemical, foodstuff and others

Petroleum coke facilities.

Wet sand facilities.

Fuse sand facilities.

Sludge facilities.