• Spirit of service       

The extensive experience of our engineers in the fields of process automation and handling of bulk materials, allows them to innovate techniques and equipment, so that our proposals can be adapted technologically and economically for industries in need of powder raw material. Since its founding in 1987 until today, it has delivered more than 500 facilities, working non-stop throughout the world. Continuous improvement with our sights set on the Client is the raison d’être of all who work here. We sincerely appreciate your visit to our website so we can show you just some of the facilities we have designed and manufactured. For more information, do not hesitate to contact our Commercial Department.


  •   Our team             

This is our best asset. It consists of multidisciplinary professionals with profound practical-theoretical knowledge, which allows them to face any problems they come up against with a strong likelihood of success, as their daily activity is based on dealing directly with customers.


  • Our material means    

They are a complement to our human resources, both in terms of dimensional capacity as well as technological features. This allows us to manufacture satisfactorily what our engineers have previously developed.